Key Contacts

Key Contacts

Do You Know an Elected Official?

It’s all about who YOU know. You may be wondering what the Key Person Index (KPI) is. The KPI program identifies State Farm agents and employees who have relationships with elected officials, opinion leaders and other persons of influence in our communities.

These leaders want to hear about important issues from people they know and trust, and the PAC is asking each of you to raise a hand if you do have an existing relationship with an elected official or other person of influence.

Here are some examples of the type of people we include in the KPI:

  • State legislators & their staff
  • Federal legislators & their staff
  • Statewide office holders, such as the Governor of Texas, Lt. Governor, etc.

By completing the Key Person Index form, you provide us with information about your relationship to an elected official or person of influence. Once listed in our KPI, we may ask you to contact your “Key Person” on an issue important to State Farm. Of course, this is a completely voluntary program.

So come on Texas! Help us tell the State Farm story and become a Key Person Contact TODAY!